Positivity for the win?


My wife and I are cruising home at 35,000ft in a double business class upgrade; a top result compared with what might have become of today.

Lana, the check-in assistant had the slightly awkward matter of telling us that our flight had been overbooked so we had been placed on standby. The next flight is tomorrow afternoon but there’s no guarantee you’re on that either. This is more than just a P.I.T.A to us, but I won’t go into that. The only way we were getting on that plane was if there were any no-shows today.

Where my wife was standing a minute before, there was now a simmering pot of outrage. Her mood was changing fast, she’s quite feisty and I love that about her but I didn’t like the way this was going. Poor Lana on the check-in desk didn’t deserve what was about happen if I let this play out. Not to mention a check-in ruckus was never going to work in our favour.

“Alright we understand” was my interjection.

Positive thoughts – there’s still a chance we’re getting on this flight, so no need to stress about it. Let’s hope for the best.



We got to the gate just in time to hear our names over the tannoy.

There were two spaces up in business class; and they were ours!

The (somewhat un-airport-like) Biro amendments on our boarding cards confirmed it.

I bet that’s quite common since the people who can afford to miss their flights are the same ones who always fly in business class…


– The Payslip Pauper


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