Blog Post #1 – Hello!

About The Author

Hi there, welcome to my first ever blog post!

In my teens and early twenties I was a really sociable guy. Always out with friends, meeting girls, experimenting with substances like everyone else was doing. But in the last few years I’ve become more reclusive, feeling more satisfied being an anonymous face in the crowd than the one in the spotlight.

I have always ended up slightly better than the average. In school I was a slightly above average student, now I’m 26 years old and earn slightly more than the UK average salary – albeit without a university degree since I got bored with education during my A-Levels, which was crystallised in my unusually below average results!

I got married last year – my wife is definitely not average, she’s the most driven, inspirational person I have ever met. She’s changed my life and really helped me become a better person… and together we try never to give up on anything.

We secured a mortgage on a slightly better than average first home, we drive slightly better than average cars and we make enough cash to go on slightly above average holidays every year.

I have never known true hardship and I’ve also never known true affluence.

I woke up to my alarm one morning last week screaming in a cold sweat after a horrible zombie-apocalypse nightmare (yeah, zombies – seriously) and somehow realised my current position amounts to consensual enslavement and if I keep sleepwalking along this path, one morning I’ll wake up to the real nightmare to see that the fruits of my labour have perished and rotted into a big pile of useless mush.

The Payslip Pauper

This is the (currently unwritten) story of my journey to improve my personal finances through saving and investing with the end-game being a dream I want to make mine and my wife’s reality.

To put it bluntly, the dream is to be free from what I call payslip slavery. I’ll explore payslip slavery in another post, but to me ‘freedom’ looks like this:

  • Receive a reliable income from assets that don’t demand much of my time, so don’t need a ‘job’ working for someone else to cover our outgoings (+ luxuries)
  • Have enough time, cash and head-space to focus on my next investment.
  • More spare cash or ‘free money’ to experiment with more risky investments or support friends and family.
  • Use my portfolio effectively to gain an advantage in purchasing power, bulk buying, tax savings and returns on investment.
  • Most important: in achieving all this not to destroy the things that matter most to me: my relationships with my wife, family and small circle of friends.


I invite you to pull up a chair and follow along as I share my investment choices, thought process and emotions experienced throughout my journey; and I hope that by each passing year I’ll reflect on older posts and feel slightly embarrassed about how naive I was at the time of writing.

That embarrassment, to me, is a good measure of intellectual progress.


– The Payslip Pauper




One thought on “Blog Post #1 – Hello!

  1. “I have never known true hardship and I’ve also never known true affluence.”

    I this is something that is very relatable to a lot of people, myself included. You don’t see as many narratives about this.

    I am very intrigued by your posts and would like to see where this blog will go next.


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